Cowboy Christmas

Last weekend was Thanksgiving break, but instead of loafing around at home for the six days that I had off work, I spent three of them at a Christmas-themed horse show at the MSU Pavilion. Although it wasn't my first time going, it was my first time competing. This time last year, I had only... Continue Reading →

Exploring “Lascaux”

NOTE: See the end of this post for a tutorial on how to make your own "cave" out of stuff found at the hardware store. At my school, I see my French students every other day for one hour throughout the trimester. That means I only see them, on average, for 30 days total. Choosing... Continue Reading →

Designing an Online Course Module

For this, the last journal entry of CEP 820, I would like to talk about the three things I have decided are the most important aspects to keep in mind when designing an online course module (OCM). The first aspect that impacted my critical design decisions for my OCM was collaboration. When students reflect on... Continue Reading →

How Questions Can Lead to Solutions

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last month and a half, it is that questions can be a beautiful tool on the quest to find solutions to life’s problems. Honestly, it isn’t until we start asking questions about a problem that we truly start to understand that problem. Questions like ‘Why?’, ‘What... Continue Reading →

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