Cowboy Christmas

Last weekend was Thanksgiving break, but instead of loafing around at home for the six days that I had off work, I spent three of them at a Christmas-themed horse show at the MSU Pavilion.

Although it wasn’t my first time going, it was my first time competing. This time last year, I had only had Layla for a few months and she wasn’t ready to go to the show. So instead I went and watched the other people from my barn compete and did some holiday shopping at the horse-themed vendors.

Friday’s class was trail. We didn’t place, but we had two things against us. One was that I had not practiced with the bosal in months, so it took some practice to get us both used to it again. The other was that there was a functional gate as one of the obstacles. We have never successfully practiced/completed a gate obstacle. Given both of those things, I knew it would be a little rough.

Saturday was better. I entered three classes, and placed top 8 in all three.

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