As an educator, I am most passionate about my STUDENTS’ passions. I have my own passions, of course, but what they love and what they do in their life is just as important as what I love and do in mine. I try to learn about and incorporate their passions in our classroom at every opportunity I get, and I have to tell you, our classroom environment is just off-the-charts respectful and genuinely friendly.

They try hard for me because they KNOW, without a doubt, how important they are to me. They explore French culture on their own time, at home, because I encourage them to connect their passions to something in French culture. I call these assignments ‘French Connections’. When they can combine their own passions with the learning they are doing, the work they turn in is downright magical.

As a person, I am curious to explore the world around me and learn new things. I don’t always stick with the new thing I’ve explored or learned. In fact, Justin might tell you that I’m all or nothing. I put all my curiosity into one thing quite fiercely, and then at some point, I just ditch it all together. However, I don’t see that as a bad thing! I am just so CURIOUS! I want to learn as much as I can in what little time we humans are granted on this earth. So I give new things my all until I feel I’ve mastered it to my liking, and then I go out and find a new thing to be curious about.

I always encourage my students to stay curious. To always be learning. To always be growing. Their passion, their curiosity, and their growth? Well… that is my true passion.


All images owned by Kate Wojtas