I’m happy with how far I’ve come in the last two weeks or so, although I’m sure I could work much faster if it wasn’t also my first year teaching. It has to get easier as the years go by…right?!?!

Anyways, I thought I’d share a picture of my setup:wp-1459987157383.jpg

I found this table on Craigslist from someone who happened to live about 10 minutes from me. It came with the exact same sewing machine I had, albeit a bit older and worse off, so we (boyfriend and I) took the old one off and put mine on. I wasn’t sure that was even possible but my boyfriend is pretty handy. It needs to be refinished…but that is a project for another day.

Cutting out the first few pieces from my muslin for a mock up. I used the same pattern pieces I traced two years ago, as my size hasn’t changed at all, so at least I didn’t have to do that again.wp-1459987185277.jpg

First and second panels attached. Because it’s just a toile I didn’t need a busk, instead sewing down the center to close it up. (Although that did make it tricky to try on once I laced it a bit later…) My ironing setup has since been upgraded, but here I was using a painter’s mini-scaffolding covered with a towel. It worked pretty well!wp-1459987192229.jpg

Third panel sewn on both sides, starting to look like something meaningful.img_20160408_241302676.jpg

Around this time, my corset supplies were delivered. As this is the first corset I’ve ever made, I really have no idea what I’m doing. However, I did my research and think I am capable of cutting my own boning to save some $$$. My grommets are also size 0 instead of 00 because I already had a setting kit in size 0. I think in the future I’m going to just buy a new setting kit in size 00, since 0 seems a bit large for my taste. The pattern typically uses a 14 inch busk but I got 13 because I know I’ll need extra room evening out the top edges and doing the binding.img_20160409_211515857.jpg

More progress. I LOVE my sewing machine. It’s definitely simple, but it works like a horse and I don’t think I could break it if I tried.img_20160409_224828971.jpg

5th panel attached to both sides and about to cut out the 6th panel. I know the arrow on the pattern shows the grain line, and I thought that meant vertically? But I ended up using the horizontal grain line because I found it had much less stretch than the vertical one.img_20160410_205632190.jpg

Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the tape line for my 1/2 inch seam allowance, so I made a make-shift raised guide to just press my fabric against. In the future I think I’ll just use a small dowel.img_20160410_205804167.jpg

Kitz likes to help.img_20160410_211650665_top.jpg

And by help I mean sleep on everything I try to do. I swear, whatever I touched last she just has to get her paws on.img_20160410_211808427.jpg

She’s thinking about it here, too! I busted out the spray bottle not long after this picture.img_20160411_225644263.jpg

Ahh! Done! Well…almost. I still needed to finish the straight edges on that last panel piece. Which was a pain in the bum, by the way, because I have no real accurate 1/16th seam guide. I just eyeball it with my presser foot.img_20160411_230128283.jpg

Some of my eyeballed 1/16th inch top stitching. It actually turned out pretty accurate. However, I only did two seams on each side because this is a toile and I was getting anxious to make the real thing.img_20160412_231809915.jpgimg_20160412_231823675.jpg

I found the idea for lacing strips on Bridges on the Body, and decided to make a pair. These took almost as long as the WHOLE toile! Getting an awl all the way through 3 layers of cotton duck is downright painful. I ended up with blisters, my boyfriend ended up with blisters…it wasn’t pretty. img_20160418_193412877.jpg

Setting the grommets. If you look at the bottom one in the picture, I managed to forget the washer on one of them and hammered it as-is. >_> Thankfully, it seems to be holding up so it all worked out in the end.img_20160418_202722211.jpg

Next step is to attach the strips to the toile and try it on!

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