And so it begins…

This new blog is over two years in the making! I created it after I picked up my first (and only) sewing machine, all ready to start making fun things out of cloth. However, I then got sidetracked with my university methods courses, and then observations, and then student teaching. If you know anything about student teaching…well let’s just say that I barely had time to sleep, let alone continue any of my hobbies.

However, time moves on. I completed student teaching, graduated (FINALLY!), and was lucky enough to land a job right out of college. Although I’m still bogged down with grading homework many nights, I’ve been trying to reintroduce sewing into my life. I plan to start with a corset. Yes, you heard me. My first real sewing project is going to be a corset. I know I can do it because I managed to get this far on my mock up two years ago:


I eventually had to put it aside due to the above-mentioned life events, and it became just another surface for my cat to lay on. Who can really blame her though? She is cute enough to get away with laying on anything she wants.


So, I tossed that old one aside and have begun work on a new mock-up. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to finish it!

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