Seesaw Against Anxiety

A few weeks ago, I created a screencast about how the online portfolio builder Seesaw can be used to help lessen student anxiety in a foreign language class. However, the screencast was pretty short and I wasn’t able to get into a lot of detail, so I’m going to continue that thought here today. I... Continue Reading →

Extreme Classroom Makeover

The Focus of Education is Changing and so Should Our Learning Spaces As technology advances and we integrate more with the changing world, we need people who are responsible digital citizens. We need to teach our students in new and creative ways that allow them to develop as a creative person, not as a carbon copy... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Madame the builder: an update

After putting in some work over the last week, I have some project updates to talk about. For the new readers, or maybe returning readers that need a refresher, I'm going to talk about my project a bit first before getting to the updates. With inspiration from an assignment for my Master's program at Michigan... Continue Reading →

Everyone is a maker. Who knew?

THE MAKER FAIRE AS A WHOLE One of the most important things I’ve learned over the last two weeks it that planning an event takes a lot of time, communication, cooperation, and most importantly execution. My cohort and I put together a Mini Maker Faire on MSU’s campus on Thursday that we only had a... Continue Reading →

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