Mrs. Madame the builder: an update

After putting in some work over the last week, I have some project updates to talk about. For the new readers, or maybe returning readers that need a refresher, I'm going to talk about my project a bit first before getting to the updates. With inspiration from an assignment for my Master's program at Michigan... Continue Reading →

Everyone is a maker. Who knew?

THE MAKER FAIRE AS A WHOLE One of the most important things I’ve learned over the last two weeks it that planning an event takes a lot of time, communication, cooperation, and most importantly execution. My cohort and I put together a Mini Maker Faire on MSU’s campus on Thursday that we only had a... Continue Reading →

I hate Google Translate. Or do I?

When I first picked up A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. What followed has been a rollercoaster of emotion as I swung from 'Yeah, I'm a good questioner!' to 'Wow, I really need to work on my questioning...' and then 'Do I really have to admit... Continue Reading →

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